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New Development in The Colony is going to be AMAZING – Check out pictures and details!

The Colony Ampitheater Park




The Colony’s new Ampitheater Park
Grandscape Aerial

New Grandscape Aerial in The Colony

West Village Main St

The Colony new development West Village Main St

West Village Main St 1


Boardwalk View of the New Development in The Colony

Central Village Corridor

The Colony, TX new Central Village Corridor

Boardwalk District

Aerial rendering in the new Boardwalk District

East Village 1

The Colony new East Village


East Village

Rendering of East Village in The Colony

East West Axis

The Colony new development Grandscape

Grandscape 1

New Grandscape Plans in The Colony

Grandscape Town Center

New Town Center in The Colony


The Colony’s new City within the City

Nebraska Furniture Mart Plaza

Nebraksa Furniture Mart Plaza in The Colony

Grandscape, one of the largest and most unique mixed-use real estate developments in the country,  is being developed in The Colony, which is ranked in the Top 70 Cities to Live byMoney Magazine (2011). The premier location is in the heart of the affluent and rapidly growing North Texas region. It is 15 minutes from DFW Airport, 25 minutes to downtown Dallas, and 35 minutes to The Ballpark in Arlington and to Cowboy Stadium. The Colony is home to 37,653 people and a median household income of $76,497.

Grandscape is developed by Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, and affiliates.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest single-volume shopping destination for furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics in the United States. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, they have stores in Omaha; Kansas City, Kansas; Des Moines, Iowa; and – soon – in Texas. Their Internet site – – is among internet® Retailer’s top 500 e-retailers based on annual online revenues.

Here are some facts about Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, our store in The Colony, a destination retail anchor at Grandscape.

  • 90 acres
  • 560,000 square foot retail showroom
  • 1.3 million square foot distribution center, nearly
    18 football fields
  • 100 aisles in the distribution center, equaling 6.5 miles
  • Opening 2015
  • 2,000 employees
  • 4,900 parking stalls
  • 8-10 million visitors projected annually
  • September 25, 2012 groundbreaking
  • They will be attracting the biggest, boldest and brightest names in retail, starting with Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, a retail powerhouse that by itself will attract a projected 8 million shoppers a year.

    The grand plans for Grandscape include more than just one-of-a-kind retail:

    • Convention center hotel and spa
    • Unique restaurants
    • An outdoor amphitheater
    • And more.
Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart

I’ve be excited about this for some time now and there was a reason why.  If you want more details and want to be on my mailing list for new info, email me at

If you or someone you know are planning to move to The Colony, visit

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-Christopher Ohlig, REALTOR/Broker


33 thoughts on “New Development in The Colony is going to be AMAZING – Check out pictures and details!

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  4. I’ve been in The Colony since 1983 and have always loved the family orientated atmosphere this city has always offered but truly Im offended by this new development that you are bringing. I’m disappointed that the city even allowed you to come in. I promise you The Colony will never be the same. I will not want to live in a congested area where traffic will be unreal. What was wrong with the view of beautiful land. Now all we will see is buildings and walls. I know this is just my opinion but I’m not happy with what you’re doing to my hometown.

    • I am a Realtor here and am in no way related to the company coming to The Colony. My family and I have been here since 1989 and I think this is the best thing to happen to The City in over 20 years.
      There are liquor stores on every corner and its one of the few cities in DFW that you can still smoke in the restaurants….what could possibly offend you about a furniture store and good restaurants?

      • There is a Ying and Yang AT work here,I have also lived here 20 years also, this will be a 24-7 AREA, GREAT OPPS FOR NEW ANYTHING

      • I absolutely agree with you. My family moved to the area in 1976–before it WAS The Colony. I see this as a great boost for the local economy and something positive, directly opposing all the liquor stores that we are currently known for. As for traffic– it is on the opposite side of 121 from the bedroom community of TC and won’t affect the “local” traffic any more than Main Street is already backed up.

    • This development is going to be truly awesome and an Asset to the community. It is located on the South side of 121 so I do not see how the congestion will affect the main landmass of The Colony. They are also finishing the Memorial connector to Frisco and will be building a fly over on South Colony to cross 121.

      Angela Are the Liquor stores not offensive to the “family environment” or the run down unkept homes near the center of town? This will drive up home prices and encourage people to invest here locally in TC.

    • Ms. LaPre, you are right, “The Colony will never be the same”…I think that’s the objective. How is this new development which will create jobs and generate sales tax revenue offensive? Furthermore, how does the retail, convention center hotel/spa, restaurants, and amphitheater impact the “family oriented atmosphere?”

  5. Nebraska development, extending Memorial drive to Spring Creek in coop with Frisco, that impressive Austin Ranch development, Top Golf, Specks, the widening of Plano parkway in coop with Carrolton, extending Headquarters drive in coop with Plano, that beautiful Anna’s wedding facility, grand “estates” in Tribute, 18+ hole disc park in Bill Allen park…….
    For all those marvelous happenings we have to THANK our Mayor Joe, our great Counsel, our City Manager and all his departments, Ms. Nelson of Parks/recreation, just to mention a “few”……THANK YOU ALL for outstanding quality of life, here, in The Colony and for your hard work…..

  6. We can not wait for this center to open! We have researched what other NFM’s have done to other areas where they are located. Property values increase, local business’s flourish, more beautification projects get done, roads become better, more jobs, more tax revenue. Lets face it, The colony can not grow north, east, or west. That is the last bit of land and I’m so happy to get something Frisco doesn’t have. I want to spend my money in THE COLONY as much as possible, but with the choices we currently have, it makes it quite difficult. 😄

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  11. This is similar to The Woodlands with a town center, boardwalk, amphitheater, convention center and hotel/spa, many wonderful restaurants and shops. This will definitely be a boost for the economy. I am looking forward to it!

  12. Looks like we need to stay in this area for sure! May up the property value and make it easy to sale. Definitely a great location, being close to the turnpike and tollway.

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  15. All you hear is shop The Colony well I can only say I am sick of liquor stores cheap places to eat that can’t even get a A rating Now maybe we can have a decent place to dine out and somewhere to shop the Wal-mart that can’t even keep a fabric section. maybe they will get the store stocked now there will be compition. Long over due.

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